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Seyeon Park

visual artist, illustrator, animator

Seyeon Park is a visual artist basically creates 2dimensional works from still images to time-based pieces. She paints introspective portraits with female figures with the intention of questioning “how I exist in a world”. To answer it, she investigates unconsciousness from her personal illusion of memory and dream with the emotion of fear, anxious, even marvelous. Exploring the interaction of identity and existence in the exterior world she depicts her figure fused or tangled with a flat background. In her time-based practices, she allocates two objects and narratives their movement out of normal physical law in the real world. Those of her abstract and surreal style applied in a flat plane crossing two different media acts like a window that connects the audience and her own world represented in visual.

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Demo Reel

2D Animation, Composting, Motion Graphic


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